The gym is closed. Now what do you do? THIS.

It’s a strange time (understatement of the year), and that calls for creative measures.

I work as a personal trainer at Olympic Athletic Club, which is closed until...well, UNTIL, and with our necessary current social distancing practices that means I can’t train my clients in person at any location.

But it’s not preventing me from being able to help them and still offer training—we’re just doing it in a slightly different format!

I know the vast majority of us prefer in-person training; we like the human connection, the immediacy of feedback, the personal nature of it.  It’s definitely my first choice!

But it’s not the *only* option out there.  

For clients who’ve been interested in getting real-time coaching, I’ve been conducting virtual personal training sessions—and they’re turning out to be really satisfying.

We first talk about what equipment they have access to (even if that’s just assorted household items), how much time they *really* have to train during the week, how their stress levels are, what concerns they have, and what kinds of training make them feel best right now.

Then I create a program for them, and we meet to train in real time once or twice a week, depending on how much support and direct contact they want.

It’s seriously the next best thing to being able to meet in person—they’re still getting guidance and feedback, a form check, a great workout and contact with someone from their ‘pre-COVID-19’ world.

Long story short, you don’t have to go it alone.  

You don’t have to quit working on your fitness goals or surrender to losing your fitness because you can’t get to the gym.

There are lots of ways for you to stay fit from your own home, and I have a TON of creative ideas and past experience training at home myself that make it so I can help you get the most out of this new ‘At-Home Training’ reality that we are now faced with.

Plus, technology just makes it all so *easy and convenient*

If you’re wanting that personal touch, that human connection, and a workout that’s 100% customized for your body and what your home gym has available, let’s talk.

Shoot me a message at [email protected]

Together we can do great things.

Stay active, strong and healthy while staying home!