How's your apocalypse been going??

Have you been sitting through this pandemic?

So many of us have been working from home…and moving a lot less.

Or maybe you’ve been sitting it out through this uncertain and stressful time—what may have started as just a few weeks of not working out became months.

Many of my female clients, especially those over 40, had to put their fitness on pause during the pandemic to care for their kids or even other family members who had health issues while managing a full work schedule.

And now you, like many of them, might feel nervous to start up an exercise program, or start all over, after so much time off from working out—especially from strength training?

I gotcha.

I understand how intimidating the task of getting back into shape again can feel.

It can be scary to start working out again after a break and see that you’re less fit you are than you used to be…sometimes a lot less fit.

That’s super hard on the ego!

It can feel overwhelming to start all over again.

To have what was once super easy be your new 'that's super hard.'

To feel like you have so far to go to get back into shape.

It can be super hard to know where to even start!

And scrolling through IG, or YouTube or googling programs and workouts makes it even more confusing.

I see you. I hear you. And I’m to support you.

I’ve had to start all over and rebuild my fitness, too, as recently as in the fall of 2020 when my fitness routine broke down when the gyms closed, and my low back went out. 

If the past 2+ years of pandemic life have impacted your fitness, then NOW is the time to get back into shape, to start doing the work of rebuilding your fitness and invest in your long-term health and happiness.

Summer’s starting to wind down, and it’s the perfect time to start planning your comeback.

Fall really is the perfect time to start something new, to kick off your fitness rebuild.

It’s a season of fresh starts with fewer distractions and more reliable routines.

And with a solid program to follow, personal support and professional guidance, like the women in my upcoming Bridge the Gap program will be getting, you really CAN make getting back into easier to do!

No more stops and starts—in my Bridge the Gap program you’ll rebuild your basics, your fitness fundamentals in a progressive way that’s safe, smart, and fits both the physiological and lifestyle needs of a woman over 40.

What does ‘rebuilding your basics’ even mean?

It means building even better core strength—this is ESSENTIAL, especially if we’ve had children, or a back or pelvis injury, or abdominal surgeries…things that often come with the territory when we’ve had 40+ years of living!

It means building happier, stronger hips that are less stiff—also something that can come with both having years of athletics in your past OR have job where you sit a lot

It means building legs that can carry you farther—on walks or runs or hikes.  It means building glutes that work to both keep your back happy and resist gravity, shoulders that move well, feel good, and have a great shape to them, too.

It means building a super strong foundation of fitness, one workout and one week at a time, building self-trust and learning to choose exercises that work best for your body.

It means building habits that make staying active throughout the holidays easier for you—for starting the new year looking forward to chasing new goals instead of making new year’s resolutions based in shame.

There really is no better time than right now to go on this adventure, to reclaim your fitness, to set yourself up for feeling amazing right away in 2023 instead of getting to next spring or summer and wishing you’d started sooner.

The future is wide open if you’re willing to do the work.

If you’re willing to be brave.

To let yourself be uncomfortable.

To let yourself be a beginner again—someone who doesn’t have the skills or strength yet, but also doesn’t know their limits.

There’s freedom and power in that—in starting fresh, in taking on new challenges, in having new purpose for doing the work.

Where you start might be known, but where you could end up is open to discovery and dreams.

You’ll never be more ready than you are now.  So just start…by booking a movement coaching call with me! 

On this 45-minute call, we’ll evaluate your core strength and give you exercises that will work best for YOU, figure out what variation of squat is best for you (there’s a TON of options out there!), and create an individualized plan of action for getting you started with rebuilding your fitness!

To book a call, just shoot me an email with the following answers, because I’d LOVE to know more about YOU:

  1. What are you struggling with?
  2. What’s your goal?
  3. What’s the BIGGEST thing that’s preventing you from getting there?
  4. How long have you been working on this goal?
  5. How important is this go to you?

These calls are 100% complementary—all that you’re investing is your time (which I respect and see as precious at this point in life!).

Can’t wait to hear more about you and get you started on the path to rebuilding your foundation of fitness so you can create the most amazing 2023 and a body that rocks through midlife and beyond <3

Just send that email with your 5 answers to get started—now’s the time!

In your corner all the way,