It's not the same world it was, and you're not the same person!

Picture it:  the fall of 2019…

You were probably pretty busy, but you had a normal, somewhat predictable life.

You probably had a solid fitness routine in place.

A gym to go to.

Classes that fit into your schedule.  Classes that were your favorites.

Alllll those machines and weights available.

Kids had regular school hours and extracurricular activities.

There was afterschool day care.  Maybe even childcare in the gym on the weekends.

You had normal(ish) work hours.  Things were likely pretty stable.

And then…fast forward to winter 2020 and the ‘record scratch’ moment heard and felt around the world: life came to an utter and total standstill.

You were in lockdown, quarantine, social isolation.

You started working from home or had to file for unemployment.  You had to STAY home for weeks while we all figured out what was ‘safe enough’ to do…

If you have kids, you had to start helping them with ‘virtual school’ WHILE you were also managing your new ‘work-from-home’ responsibilities and schedule.

You started moving SO MUCH LESS and carrying SO MUCH MORE stress.

And this lasted a LONG time.

You’ve been through a lot the past 2 ½ years!!! 

First, be proud of you for making it through.

Be proud of adapting to the demands of living through a pandemic while staying employed, continuing to grow professionally, caring for family members.

Be proud of the grit and resilience you’ve developed and for all that you’ve accomplished despite the stresses and challenges.

And if you’re here, reading this message right now, it’s probably because you’re ready to get started taking better care of YOU again—of your OWN health and fitness.

You’re ready to start back UP again now that life is a bit more normal, schools are open again, and gyms are accessible.

But maybe you’re also feeling intimidated to start up or start all over after so much time out or time off?

Maybe you’ve already started trying to get back in shape by following one of those popular fitness apps, only to discover it’s not right for you—even if it says it’s a ‘beginner’ level workout?  That your joints or low back hurt in a way they didn’t before?

Or maybe you’re getting on the elliptical or treadmill again to do those ‘calorie burning’ cardio sessions, but finding that you’re not getting any results and that your knees or hips are hating it?

I gotcha. 

Since June 2020, I’ve been working with people rebuilding their fitness after the pandemic messed up their plans.

And what I’ve found, especially for women over 40, is that what worked for them before isn’t what’s going to work for them NOW. 

There are often ‘gaps’ in their fitness because of such a dramatic change in activity levels, you know, going from 10,000 steps a day to maybe 2,000 on a good day?

Many women try to pick up where they ‘left off’ and do the workouts that used to work, only to find that they keep getting hurt, can’t stick with it, aren’t getting results and get discouraged and down on themselves. 

Or super self-sufficient and hard-working women, like you, are trying to find solutions for themselves—searching through Google for the ‘best workouts’ for fat burning, scrolling through Instagram and searching YouTube for those belly-flattening and lung-burning workouts that’ll finally WORK to get off the COVID inches…only to get hurt or frustrated again.

What they’ve needed, what you need, isn’t to ‘fast forward’ into high intensity or do longer and longer cardio workouts to burn fat, or to follow along with an app designed to be for ‘everybody,’ not specifically YOU.

What they’ve needed, and what you need, is a solid, consistent, and strategic plan that helps you REBUILD you total body strength, a plan that gives them back the core strength they need to avoid low back pain and other common injuries.

A well-paced, safe, and effective plan that takes you confidently through the process of starting UP again to having physical confidence and the freedom to do all the things you want to do but don’t feel fit enough to handle right now.

Things like going for a run, playing with your kids, lifting heavier weights, taking a boot camp class, go to CrossFit again, trying out new sports, going on long hikes—without worrying about getting hurt, having to do it alone, or falling off track again.

I understand how intimidating, daunting the task of getting back into shape again can feel.

How humbling and maybe a little embarrassing it is to see how unfit you’ve really gotten since the start of the pandemic.

To have what was once super easy be your new difficult.

I see you, I hear you. And I support you.

It’s time to get started.

It’s time to get back into shape, to start doing the work of building a better body and a better future than what we had before.

The future is wide open if you’re willing to let yourself be a bit of a beginner again—someone who doesn’t have the skills or strength yet, but also doesn’t know their limits.

There’s freedom and power in that—in starting fresh, in taking on new challenges, in having new purpose for doing the work.

You might be starting *here*, but where you could end up is open to discovery and dreams.

The possibilities are endless, and this time really is the most amazing opportunity to (re)create the body and future you want for yourself—with intention and lots of heart.

Rebuild your basics.  It’s time. 

You’ll never be more ready than you are now.  

All you gotta do is…start.

I’ll help you bridge the gap between *here* and *there.*

You got this.

Coming this September!

I'll be launching a 12-week fitness program for women over 40 who are ready to get back to working out and enjoy having the support of a like-minded community of women and a coach that's guiding the way!

Rebuild your fitness this fall then show up in 2023 an even stronger, healthier and more confident version of you.  Get on the waitlist and be the first to get the details!

Online Personal Training: Get a plan that fits YOUR life.

For people who’re interested in having a customized fitness plan to follow on their own.

Like I said, I know you don’t have time to waste on figuring out what workout to do today.


Having to put together the 'right' kind of workout when you're already figuring out how to make the best of a new work situation is just a bridge too far while you're also figuring out how to make sure your kids don't fall behind in their learning.


Having a done-for-you, 100% customized plan helps you to balance the needs of your family with your own self-care without so much guesswork or extra stress.


Before I create a fitness program for you, we'll talk about the essentials:

  • your current and longer-range goals,
  • what equipment you have access to (even if that’s just assorted household items),
  • how much time you *really* have to train during the week,
  • your current stress levels,
  • any concerns you have about your fitness or health, and
  • what kinds of training make you feel the best right now.


Then I create a program that fits your life, your needs and your goals, complete with videos that demonstrate or explain each exercise.


You'll have email access to me to get feedback and coaching as needed, and we can also have biweekly video coaching calls to check in with each other in real time.


You're 100% supported even though we're not 'training together' in real time.


But if you did want meet to train in real time, virtual training sessions can be added to your fitness program as well.


It's totally up to you how much face to face interaction and support you want!


Long story short, you don’t have to go it alone, and you have LOTS of options.


You don’t have to quit working on your fitness goals or surrender to losing your fitness because you can’t get to the gym.

I can help you get the most out of this new ‘At-Home Training’ reality that we are now faced with, to stay healthy, happier and less stressed all from the convenience of your own home.

If you’re wanting that personal touch, a fitness program that's create entirely for YOU and what your home gym has available, let’s talk.

Together we can do great things.

Stay active, strong and healthy while staying home!

Curious about working together? Let's Talk!

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