Client Testimonials

'I’ll start out with a confession: I hired Kate because I wanted to BE Kate.  I think in an awkward social moment I even told her that she had, “my ideal body type.” [read: she practices what she preaches.  No one wants to go to a hairdresser with split ends and a bad dye job, savvy?]

She managed to shake off that creepy moment long enough to agree to train me, and it’s a good thing for me that she did.  When I say, “good,” what I really mean is, “life-altering,” and “eye-opening.”

The programs she personally designed for me were thoughtful, creative, and efficient, and I regularly left the gym feeling like a complete bad a** for having reached goals I was sure I couldn’t before, and for surviving another round of “washcloth workouts.”  My journey with her has covered more than just proper form, honest nutrition, and pushing through when she can tell I’m phoning it in.

Kate changed my very perception of what fitness means, and taught me that comparison truly is the thief of joy.  She showed me how to take pride in every little success, and how that success isn’t necessarily found in a number on the scale.

I couldn’t tell you what weight I started at when she began bestowing her wisdom upon me (the scale and I have since parted ways), but what I can tell you is that with her help, I have arrived at my own version of an ideal body type: a strong, capable figure that keeps up with three kids, competes in road races at a sub 9:00/mi pace, that eats with purpose and pleasure, and no longer binges or restricts while stuck in a cycle of stress and guilt.

Most importantly, she helped me achieve one thing that never occurred to me was possible, and that’s wanting to be one person and one person only: me.'

Siobhan M.

"Kate Whetsel is one of the best trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. I came to her for the sole purpose of building up the muscles in my legs to alleviate the knee pain I was feeling due to increasing my milage on my runs.

In our initial visit, Kate actively listened to my concerns and wants, while educating me on the different muscles that work to support the knee. Thus began my journey of strengthening my core and glutes, as well as the rest of my body.

Throughout the process, Kate was always analyzing my progress and tweaking my individual program as needed. She is very supportive and she uses education and positivity, instead of fear mongering, to encourage her clients to succeed beyond their preserved capabilities. She is very inspirational and I am honored to work with such a wonderful person."

Jennifer B.

"I have loved working with Kate as an online client.  Initially I was unsure what to expect - I have only worked with trainers in-person and at the gym.

After nearly a year of working with Kate, I have come to love this virtual arrangement.  It is flexible and effective.

As a coach, Kate is attentive, available, kind, and challenging.  She has helped me work smarter, not necessarily harder.  She introduced me to exercises that have a big impact (hello deadlifts and pull ups!) and don't require hours on a treadmill.

I have never been stronger or more confident in my abilities.  I'm so grateful for her expertise and commitment and highly recommend her as a coach."

Manon C.

"I connected with Kate a years few ago. I was on her email list that had helpful fitness tools, food recipes and group challenges. I always read through and loved all the details that she included about life and fitness balance. The way she spoke resonated with me, it was as if she was reading my mind. Granted I'd never even met her face to face (and still haven't to this day).

I had a stressful year last year (we have three kids, sold and built a new house, and my husband lost his job). I found myself stuck with a yucky emotional eating habit, which I think I've always had. To be honest it was "binge like". I found myself mindlessly or ravenously eating crap and a lot of it. Things I knew I shouldn't be eating or quantities that were not appropriate. I felt ashamed and uncomfortable being that I'm athletic and live a very active life style. I am literally surrounded by fitness and fitness activities. I couldn't put my finger on why I seemed to be so helpless with food at times. Almost like I was sabotaging myself. I knew I needed to get some help so I contacted Kate.

Kate helped me right away. I started her One Size Fits One program and almost immediately started making connections. I had a lot of Aha moments, things were more connected to my eating than I ever imagined. I quickly made progress and the best part was Kate was giving me the tools I needed to overcome my "binge eating" issues.

Over the course of the program I had a major mind shift. There was only one time during our weekly chats where I had a difficult time. That's affectionately known as the "Pringle incident". With Kate's help, the negative thoughts that circled my head before were fading, I felt less shame and more comfort in my strong capable body. I have a new outlook on my food and fitness goals.

My life balance is still a work in progress, managing my stress will always be something that I will need to work at but now I have the tools to do so. I am super thankful Kate stumbled into my life. I no longer feel helpless about my eating habits or how I'm going to get through the next holiday without over doing it.

I feel the most confident I probably ever have and I have Kate to thank for that. I know this may sound fake or gimmicky but its not. Her program really helped me heal from the inside out."

Yolanda L.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kate Whetsel for almost or about a year in Katterbach Germany.  This time in my life was rather challenging for 2 reasons.  First, we were in the throes of a deployment and dealing with all things children and making life work with just one person.

This consists of never enough time, kids daily emotional challenges, our own emotional challenges because our spouse is gone, and of course anything that could go wrong will go wrong during a deployment. So Kate and I shared our struggles, our successes, and some hindsight laughter too.  Our hour together was always a breath of fresh air.

She is truly a caring individual and so easy to talk to.  Second, I was in a rough spot in my journey trying to lose weight from my second child. I didn’t gain much weight during pregnancy, but after his birth was colic and tons of sleepless nights, absolutely no energy and the pounds just packed on.  Coincidentally all of that happened during a different deployment. Well, we got over colic, taught our son how to sleep, so now it was time to take off that weight.  I was doing Zumba at least 4 days a week and has lost about 25 lbs. and was feeling fantastic!  I really needed to take off another 15-20 lbs though, so that’s where Kate came in.

The cardio alone just wasn’t doing it, I figured “why not?” and signed up to get started with some weight training.  I immediately felt completely comfortable with Kate. There was no warm up period with her it just felt cozy from the start!

She encouraged, she never had anything negative to say, always had an idea when I needed to get over a “wall” and best of all, I SAW RESULTS!  The last 15-20 started to melt away!  I felt strong, amazing, and happy!  Kate also started a snowball too.  She spoke a lot about being happy with myself, not by standards of anyone else just my own.  I have to attribute a lot of my loving myself and my body to Kate.  She completely started it."

Deb M.

"I had the opportunity to work with Kate during and after my pregnancy. Her knowledge of pre and postnatal fitness was above and beyond what I expected.

Like every new mother, I wanted to return to my fitness regime quickly but she reigned me in and helped me transition into a regular workout routine safely and more effectively.

She is constantly educating herself and tweaking her methods which makes you (as a client) feel like your fitness is very important to her. Her general knowledge is extensive and I continue to return to her with questions.

Unlike a lot of fitness professionals, she’s not there to boost her own ego or brag about her fitness prowess; she’s a great listener and is genuinely interested in helping her clients achieve their goals in a thoughtful manner. I really appreciated thorough explanations about why we were doing certain movements or exercises which I believe is paramount to immediate and long term motivation and success. She really makes you feel like you are part of a team rather than simply her client.

I continually recommend Kate’s services to friends and acquaintances for her expertise, thoughtfulness, and “bedside manner” with clients.  I honestly cannot say enough good things about Kate as a trainer; you can’t go wrong!"

Cynthia C.


When you asked me to write a testimonial on how you helped me, I had my mind set on writing some grand masterpiece. I wrote some thing down but it was not from the heart. Then I realize no words can express how happy and how grateful I am that you are as passionate as you are about helping people reach and maintain their fitness goals.

When we started I was about 229 lbs I am currently maintaining between 183-186 lbs depending on what and where I eat. Because you started with the basics and rebuilding me literally from my flat feet to my neck I am able to easily maintain a 44 lbs weight loss.

I feel great I have more energy than ever I'm more confident than I have been in years. I was just in Orlando with my children and I did not think twice about taking my shirt off at the pool or the water park in LegoLand.

I know I am as fit as my 17 year young self, definitely the same size if not smaller.

Any person under your care will benefit from your knowledge, compassion and comprehension of the human form. Thank you for what you have done for me and a healthier body.

Rashad K.