3 ‘Sticky’ Strategies to Help You Overcome Lack of Motivation

Life is a bit off-kilter right now.


(Insert cynical/maniacal laughter here)

Training goals and fitness objectives are morphing as we speak.

It would be easy to let the inertia of ‘stay at home’ take over and to let moving less and less become the norm.

It would be easy, but it wouldn’t be good for us.

Moving less actually has the potential to make us feel worse, physically and emotionally.

So if you’ve lost some focus or enthusiasm for ‘getting your fitness on,’ one of these 3 strategies might be what you need to keep you moving consistently, and keep FEELING better and DEALING better through this challenging chapter.

A) Do things you like and enjoy.

Doing something we like takes the friction or resistance out of the idea of working out.

Swing a ‘bell, do some yoga, dance, take a walk/run (if you’re able), whatever. Just move yourself in a satisfying way.

Don’t judge it—it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just needs to happen.

B) Learn a new skill or work on a certain movement that’s been challenging for you.

(I know my overhead pressing and handstand push ups can use some focused attention...and now there’s plenty of opportunity to do it.)

Carve some focused time out for that practice each day.

5 minutes, 10, 20–whatever!

Just focus on making the practice consistent.

C) Set up ‘quotas’ for yourself:

Choose a weekly goal for minimum number of workouts, choose a rep goal for each week (or month!).

An example is the 4-week double kettlebell and swing challenge I’ve taken on.

Having rep goals for certain movements gives me structure for the workouts I do throughout the week and keeps me moving on days when I’d rather not and don’t feel, well, motivated.

It could be a push up goal, or number of minutes planking, or number of core workouts done in a week—whatever has some meaning and some enjoyment for you.

There are a few other ‘sticky’ strategies for staying motivated and moving consistently, but 3 is enough for one post, so I’ll share those later.

But the $1,000,000 question is: what strategy or strategies have worked for you?

Love to hear what you do.


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