Have you moved today?

Have you moved your body yet today?

Wherever you live, whatever things are like around you, make sure you keep moving, even if it's simply indoors/at home.
Make sure to move because...

Move because it makes you feel better.

Move because it helps restore your energy.

Move because it lifts your spirits.

Move because it boosts your mood.

Fitness is as much about the effect it has on our brains as it is about the effect it has on our bodies.

So I encourage you to invest in a little simple self-care today with a 5-minute movement session like this one (or 10 minutes if you want to do more!).

1 Turkish Get Up**, Left side
20 Russian Swings*
1 Turkish Get Up, Right side
20 Russian Swings

*If Swings aren’t in your toolkit yet, substitute goblet or bodyweight squats.

**And if TGUs are new to you, go through the steps unweighted with your hand squeezed in a fist.

The magic is in the breath and the flow, so do your best to keep your mind ‘in the moment’ and create a regular breathing pattern to get maximum payoff from your movement session.

And did you notice I didn’t say ‘workout’?

Moving doesn’t always have to be about working out, particularly in times of higher levels of stress—sometimes it’s just to feel a bit better, not burn calories or ‘crush it.’

Keep taking good care of you--and making regular movement a part of that self-care <3

With you all the way,


PS:  If you're looking for some other movement sessions or workouts you can do just about anywhere, here's a list of the ones I shared last week:

March 16-22:

Single Kettlebell Snatch/Squat/Lunge/Swing complex


Step Up to Better Buns (bodyweight)


Resistance Band Back and Posture Circuit:  Perfect for breaks from sitting during the day


Double Kettlebell “Around the Neighborhood” Workout


3-Move Glute Training Circuit:  bodyweight, dumbbell or kettlbell options


One ‘Bell Energy Booster:  dumbbell and kettlebell options


4-Move Core Strengthener:  weighted and bodyweight options


**Make sure to keep taking good care of YOU, inside and out!**
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We're in it together!