Stuck inside? Here’s a move that’ll boost your spirits and your rear view!

Hey there, and Happy Monday!

I hope your day and your week are off to a strong start.

If your new gym is your living room and you don't own a ton of dumbbells or kettlebells, then today’s Move You Need to Do More is perfect for you.

And even if you do have bunch of equipment, this move might be a fun way to spice up your lower body training.

When you’re trapped at home, it’s especially helpful to have some moves that you can do in tight quarters with little to no equipment.

I know it’s saved my bacon more than a few times over the years—starting nearly 15 years ago when my daughter Taylor was a baby and we lived at Fort Polk, LA.

Having those at-home workout options was especially helpful during our first year in Germany when Gabe was deployed to Afghanistan, my support network was really small, and my kids were constantly sick.

Like seriously—that was the year kids went to the doctor and German ER more times than I can count and had 3 surgeries between the two of them.  Let’s just say I didn’t get to the gym so much that year.

Having a step aerobics bench, a mat and a few dumbbells was a lifesaver.

Bottom line: you don’t have to have a bunch of exercise equipment at home to get in a good workout.

Heck, you don’t even have to get in an organized workout to do something that’s beneficial and keeps you feeling productive and on the right track—all you need is just a couple of minutes and a chunk of floor space.

This week’s move is: The ‘Fencer’s Lunge.

I first experienced the Fencer’s Lunge in the summer of 2012 while attending my friend Katherine’s KUT class in Seattle.

Kath was a really innovative trainer and choreographer, and was inspired to create and incorporate this move into her interval training class after watching the fencing events in the Summer Olympics that week.

Plus, she loved lunges and giving the people in her classes ‘their money’s worth,’ so to speak.

It didn’t seem like it was a move that would have that much impact, and it was a fun diversion from normal lunges at the time, but I was convinced of its effectiveness afterwards when going up any stairs became very ‘special’ for the next 2 days.

Now I’m sharing this special, do-anywhere, seemingly innocent move that packs a big punch (aka:  glute shaping payoff) with you in case you need another move you can do anywhere with little or no equipment.

Keys to doing the Fencer’s Lunge safely and well:

  • Take a moderate step forward so that when you lunge, your front knee is right over your ankle and your back knee is under your hip
  • Keep your eyes up, shoulder blades pulled back and your chest elevated—no turtle backs here!
  • Using the arm opposite your lunging leg, drop the object (socks, wadded up bands, and washcloths work well!) near the instep of the front foot
  • Push through your front heel hard to return to the start position
  • Complete the designated number of reps OR reps for time on one side before changing sides (NO alternating side on this one)

Tip:  If you do this for time, interval-style, you can get a little cardio benefit from doing it, too.  60 seconds per side for 3-5 rounds will deliver, promise.

Mix it in with other upper body moves for a full body workout!

As always, have fun with this one, and let me know if you have ANY questions or need ideas how to modify it to make it work better for you.  I’m just a message away.

Enjoy your day and the ‘lift’ this move and this do-anywhere workout is sure to give you 😉


PS--I know it's a new world, and you're becoming a new person with a new lifestyle and a new set of daily responsibilities—part of that new lifestyle means you're now working out at home.

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