Having trouble getting started? Try this strategy.

Want to get that workout in, but have a hard time making it happen?  

Do you set up a workout goal for yourself, only to find that you're talking yourself out of it by the time it's supposed to happen?

Instead of beating yourself up (again), try this strategy:  'reduce the friction' between you and your workout.

'Reduce the friction’ means reducing the internal obstacles we often have that stand between us an a workout.

We might feel inner resistance, or start engaging in internal dialogue that’s unhelpful—you know, the ‘do I/don’t I’ bargaining and rationalization for why we can skip this session.


We’ve all been there at some point....


One way we can bridge the gap between being comfy and doing that workout is by using a dynamic movement warm up to set the stage for us.

Warm ups are meant as a physical preparation for a workout, but they ALSO serve as a mental transition from the other parts of our lives into this self-centered, self-CENTERING, movement session.

Dynamic movement warm ups can be a bridge between feeling sluggish or unmotivated and getting ourselves into ‘let’s do this’ mode.

We know we’ll feel better afterwards, so sometimes we just need to find a way to help ourselves reduce the friction between the immediate moment and the workout we really do want and need to do.

A 5+ minute warm up sequence like this is a perfect solution, getting us refocused, reconnected to our body, and physically and neurologically stimulated and ready to go for that run, get that lifting session started, or begin that workout.

One warm up sequence that can do just that is my 'Reduce the Friction' warm up!

Give it a shot and let me know what you think about this strategy.

Go through this sequence in the order listed one time through, then get yourself out on that run or into that workout!

10 Shoulder circles forward

10 Shoulder circles reverse

10 Golfer swings

10 Torso rotations with shoulder taps

5 Hip circles + 5 lateral lunges/side

3 x Hinge/squat sequence

5 Inchworm plus push ups

5 Lockouts + 3 Thoracic twists/side

3-2-1 Push ups to plank squats

1” sit ups + hollow leg lowers

10 Pillbugs

Cobra stretch to inchworm

Let me know how it works for you!


Reach out, I'd love to talk with you: [email protected]