Your self-care matters–to ALL of us.

Mamas, I know you have a huge heart and that you go above and beyond every day to care for your family, to achieve at work, to contribute to your community and to just generally try to be there for others every day.


But what do you do for yourself?


Do you show yourself the same care, prioritize your own well-being up there with that of your kids, family members, friends, co-workers?


It’s easy to get lost in the middle of it all—to put our needs behind the needs of others.


It’s easy to start skipping workouts, start eating on-the-go or while distracted.


It’s easy to slide into a lifestyle of busyness where we live in support of others and forget to prioritize our own wants and needs.


It’s easy to start doing things to self-soothe, to fill the void of the self-care that might be missing with other things…things like

  • binge watching tv shows,
  • compulsively scrolling through FB and IG,
  • nibbling and snacking at all times of the day,
  • eating frequent sugary/carby treats even though you don’t feel good afterwards,
  • drinking multiple glasses of wine at night to settle down and soothe the nerves.  


For so many of us, it’s just gotten to be normal.


But it’s not a normal that serves us well.


I get it.  Really I do. I’ve been there, right in those shoes.


And I get that it’s tough to break out of that cycle.  


Hard to know where to start when you’ve gotten so far from where you were, or where you want to be with your health and fitness.  


How it’s hard to begin to make space for yourself and your own needs in your already packed life.


How it might seem incredibly selfish to say no to time with your family so that you can say yes to yourself and what you need.


But it isn’t selfish.  

It’s actually the complete opposite of selfish.


Working on yourself, your health, fitness, personal development, your self-care, it isn’t a selfish thing to do.


Here’s why

It contributes to the greater good.


When we work on ourselves, keep striving to be better, we become influencers in our families and communities.


We demonstrate how making a commitment to ourselves, to our health and wellness efforts pays off and creates positive change in our lives.


We inspire others with our efforts and actions.


Our example gives others the courage to try when they might not have dared or thought they were strong enough to do it.


We become healthier, on the inside and the outside.


The people who are influenced & inspired by our example become healthier inside-out, too.


This creates a ripple of positive change that spreads & touches everyone we come into contact with.  


Your self-care, your positive example, the positive energy you have to share as a result of investing in you and what you need—it matters.  

It really does make a difference in the lives of those you care for most, not just in the immediate sense, but far into the future, too.


If you need more convincing, listen to the story I have to tell here.


If you’ve ‘gotten lost’ in the middle of your life, if you’ve put yourself last on the list and your fitness and overall well-being has suffered, if you know you need to change things but aren’t sure how it where to start, I get you.  


I feel you. 

I’ve been you.


And I know that the answer is to take action, to prioritize your own needs and start getting back in touch with the things that make you feel vital and satisfied with your quality of life.


I know that you might just need permission to take care of you, too.

You might just need to hear that it’s okay to want more for yourself, to have a helping hand, someone to guide you on your journey to reclaiming yourself.


If any of this resonates with you, know that I’m here for you. 


I’m in your corner, ready to help get you started on the path to continuing to become your best you—your strongest you, inside & out.  

When you’re ready to take action, just message me.  I’ll be here for you.