Unpack THIS baggage before the end of quarantine (your waist will thank you)

Within the problems lie our solutions.

So you gained some quarantine weight.  I did, too!

It doesn’t need to be a source of shame.

But it IS important to understand the reasons for and behind your weight gain so that it doesn't continue—and there are a whole bunch of pieces to our current COVID weight gain puzzle!

The more we can demystify and understand the likely causes for our stay-at-home weight change, the more empowered we are to make the changes that:

a) we can live with and

b) really work and have a positive impact.

Let’s dig into the pieces of our quarantine lifestyle change that have likely contributed to our current weight change:

Impact of stay at home on nutrition/habits

Many things happened at once—it was like the perfect storm.

1. Main source of calorie burn (our NEAT from working outside the house several hours a day) disappeared

2. Suddenly we were around food 24/7

3. We were feeling a need to calm/soothe/full void of uncertainty with snacking

4. Evening adult beverages may have become routine—like vacation every day

5. Workouts weren’t as consistent or intense

6. Meal planning, grocery shopping and cooking responsibilities changed or became shared

7. We stopped eating our regular foods and started accommodating the dietary wants and needs of others at home more

8. Lost our regular schedules and thus regular eating times and patterns

9. Other needs and concerns took priority over strict eating practices

Honestly, it really has been a perfect storm for dietary disaster.

There may be more at play for you, or less, but identifying and understanding the likely causes of undesired weight gain gives us the power to make needed or wanted changes without freaking out or plunging headlong into a strict and stressful diet.

Instead, we can forgive ourselves for any missteps and get busy making more conscious daily choices that serve us better.

In the next few blog posts, I’ll break down the above issues and offer simple, actionable strategies to help get you into a pattern of eating that meets your current needs.

Using simple, impactful changes we’ll make our eating habits COVID-proof.

Keep checking back for those posts & videos & start getting busy eating and feeling better now!

Within our problems lie our solutions.

We got this!