#fbf to the year I learned that ‘skinny’ didn’t make me happy

#fbf to 2012: the year I learned that having visible abs didn’t make me happier or more confident.

It was both a devastating lesson and a liberating one.

That happiness stuff, it’s an inside-out job, not an outside-in one.

Up until 2012 , the year where I carved out abs and got super lean after having 2 kids, I’d carried around a belief that I would be happy, confident, feel more love and acceptance, feel like I’d ‘really made it’ when I looked like *this*


Turned out that I was very, very wrong and that the real work—the mindset work—had just started.

Here’s what I’ve learned since that pivotal year:

There’s nothing wrong with working out to achieve a different body aesthetic, but the real depth and power of working out is how is builds your character.

How it builds your self-trust.

How it reshapes your self-concept, taking you from an ornament to an instrument when you put your hands on the iron.

How it builds your ability to endure, to persevere, to do really hard things.

While you’re busy challenging yourself to run a little farther, do a couple more reps, take on a more challenging exercise, or lift a weight you never thought you’d be able to handle, you’re also building the muscle of your character.

Women who are strong hold themselves differently.

We stand tall, move with purpose, and know our value.

We are confident in our abilities; we know what we can do, what we can handle, and we’re not scared of hard things—and this confidence has the tendency to bleed into all the different parts of our lives.


Through building stronger bodies, we build stronger spirits, and that’s what makes the difference between surviving and thriving, no matter what life may throw at us.

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