Want results? Try more gratitude. Really.

When we’re trying to lose weight, or get fitter, or lift heavier, or run faster, or just plain feel better—and it’s just plain hard OR the results aren’t showing up the way we want them to, it can be discouraging and frustrating.

It’s easy to get a little fixated on how our bodies aren’t ‘right’ yet, not doing what they’re ‘supposed’ to be doing, and we can forget how amazing our human bodies really are.

But maybe if we change the lens we look at ourselves through, shift our perspective a bit, we can change how we feel about our (amazing) bodies.
Maybe embracing our body’s gifts, its strengths, its natural tendencies and its needs is the first step to creating the changes we seek, the physique we desire, the strong, satisfying and fulfilled lifestyle we week to lead.

Today I encourage you to look at your body through an appreciative lens and name 3 things that are amazing about your body.

Just as it can with our gratitude practices, adopting a daily body appreciation practice will create a more positive mindset and experience of the world—and it can make our workouts that much more enjoyable and meaningful.

When we are actively recognizing and appreciating all the incredible things our bodies do and are capable of, it becomes a whole lot harder (and less meaningful) to criticize the ways in which it’s ‘flawed.’

And when we’re busy celebrating what we can do, and working towards our full potential, we’re too busy enjoying what our bodies can do for us to worry about what’s ‘lacking’ or where we might be coming up short.

Staying focused on what we can do keeps us showing up, gives our workouts purpose, and leads to a much higher level of body and life satisfaction.

It’s not always an easy perspective to adopt, especially if you’re someone with a long history of being hard on yourself, but just starting to challenge one of those negative messages and replace it with an appreciative one can make a world of difference.

It’s not easy, but it can be done with consistent practice, and it just might be the ticket to getting the results you’ve been after for so long.

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