That sh*t doesn’t matter: When your diet has to take a backseat.

Weeks 1-3 of Sheltering at Home:

Keeping myself as calm as I could, my kids feeling safe, getting them used to the sudden switch to online learning were my first priorities.

Second was managing stress, maintaining a good relationship with my husband through the sudden COVID-19-related changes, and figuring out how we were going to financially stay afloat.

Third was taking action on rebuilding the online side of my training business, and supporting my in-person clients the best I could remotely, since I had no idea when the gym would re-open and in-person training sessions would start up again.

My own diet?  It wasn't a priority.  I tried not to go overboard or 'off the rails' entirely, but planning meals, measuring portions and hitting macros wasn't anywhere on my radar.

That sh*t just didn't matter in that moment.

My people DID.

Stay-at-Home Weight Change Factor #7:
Other needs & concerns took priority over strict eating practices.

Things like keeping a roof over your head, keeping your kids engaged in learning, helping your kids deal with their feelings & heightened emotions, keeping up with work responsibilities, caring for a sick family member, just keeping up with running a household, and trying to stay sane & balanced through all of this....

It’s ALOT.

It’s enough on its own.

AND you’ve been doing an amazing job—give yourself credit for how far you’ve already come through this 🙌

Following a strict diet or needing to count macros, etc, on top of all these other life concerns may just have been a proverbial ‘bridge too far.’

I know it was for me.

In terms of perfect storms for dietary disaster, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a perfect one, disrupting all our systems & leaving many of us struggling to find which way is up.

Now that a few weeks have passed & many of us have adjusted to our ‘new normal,’ it’s a good time to re-evaluate what’s working (or not) in our daily health and fitness routines.

ID’ing & understanding the likely causes of undesired/unintentional weight gain gives us the power to make needed or wanted changes—without freaking out or plunging headlong into a strict and stressful diet.

It’s a perfect time to start living more intentionally, & creating new systems that meet our current goals and needs.

MORE stress isn’t what we need right now.

Simple, actionable steps that give us relief are.

To start finding solutions, try one (or more, if you’re ready) of these 7 strategies to get back to eating and feeling better.

1. Up Your daily NEAT

2. Create a daily meal schedule you can live with

3. Develop alternatives to snacking for dealing with stress, boredom &/or anxiety

4. Limit adult & high-cal beverages—especially at the end of the day; find other ways to help you unwind/rituals to end the day

5. Get back to eating more basic lean proteins & lots of veggies (frozen work, too)

6. Meal plan & grocery shop with your goals & longer-term health in mind

7. Just keep showing up & doing your best 


And make sure to reach out when you need some extra support.

I’m here for you!

We're in this together--all the way.


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